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The Mindset of
Supreme Lover
Psychology Behind Getting Her To Love You
Do you want a meaningful intimate connection?
Are you here because you have something you want to change in your intimate life?
Welcome to "The Mindset of Supreme Lover: Psychology Behind Getting Her to Love You" online training and personal development program for your intimate life. 
This program is different than any program because
it teaches you to become
the best lover. 

What’s different about this program is not only the depth of what we are going to go to, but also the clarity of what you can do today to become the best lover for her, awaken unstoppable confidence in yourself and connect with her on such a deep level you have never experienced before.

This is why it’s an advanced program for you.

Discover the secrets behind finding, creating and maintaining lasting, passionate relationships long-term whether you are single or in a relationship already.

You will learn why intimate pleasure, trust, love, communication, passion, desire, ecstasy, joy, frustration, and fear — are fundamentally rooted in your mindset and your vision of intimacy.
Do you want to have a powerful roadmap to become
the best lover
she has ever had in her life?
Hi! I'm Karolina Pasko,
I'm a founder of Passion In Love, sex therapist, relationship counselor and coach. I've been helping people master their romantic relationships and intimate lives for over 10 years. 

I have studied psychology, sexuality, relationship, neuroscience, and spirituality simply because I want to effectuate change. 

When I was a child I didn’t get the warm and bubbly love from my parents. I felt that no matter what I did I was not enough. 

Growing up I saw people suffer, in pain, and give up on their love lives, doubting themselves because of intimate challenges, yet no one wanted to talk about them.

Then I hit the wall.  In mid-teen years, I discovered that my boyfriend had cheated on me.

I was too young to experience the real pain of betrayal.  Yet this pain inspired me to create something powerful.

Now, I am blessed to be in an amazing relationship with my husband-to-be where we are more passionate about each other than we were in the beginning.

But we constructed this passion.
We created this intimacy.
Do you want to...
  • Be the best lover she has ever had in her life because you communicate and make her feel like no other man does
  • Create a meaningful relationship that does not wear off whether you are in a relationship or single
  • Know how to give pleasure to a woman
  • Be able to relax, let go and enjoy the moment instead of worrying about what’s next
  • Feel confident during intimacy and help her communicate her desires and fears
  • Be able to influence and build trust in a relationship on psychological and intimate levels
  • Make sure that you feel connected with your partner everyday
  • Want to be on top of your game and finally be able to understand what she wants and how to give it to her

... then this is the course for you!
    As part of program, you receive:
     -  5-weeks of mastery-level online training.

    - Coaching Videos
                   where I will share my best strategies and insights into how to understand what a woman needs and how to give it
       to her without sacrificing who you truly are. 

    - Step-By-Step Guides
                   which are designed to deepen your transformation, challenge your current belief and behaviors that prevent you from becoming the supreme lover. If you think you can skip them then this program is not for you.

    - Cheat Sheets
       to refresh your mind days, weeks, years after you have taken the course.

    You can take the training at your own pace, and you have access to it for LIFE. Each week's training is 1-2 hours of video and includes worksheets and journaling activities you can complete at your own pace anytime.
    Value: $2,997
    BONUS 1:  Karolina's private client "Conscious Oral Sex Play", which details how to master the art of oral intimacy that integrates more than just mechanics - breath, touch, gaze, and movement.

    BONUS 2Oral Intimacy Mastery.
    Previously only limited to my private clients "dos" and "donts" of oral pleasure learned from years of working with women

    Inspired by tantra, breath work, mindfulness and Taoist approach, Karolina guarantees it will transform your intimate life. Her $10k counseling clients enjoy this training tool, and now so can you. Available after completion of the course.
    Value: $1,297
    BONUS 3:  Step by step Meditation Technique to help you not only with stress management but also with your intimate performance.

    BONUS 4:
      Breathing Exercises
    are powerful breathing patterns to boost your sexual vitality, pleasure and performance.
    Available after completion of the course.
    Value: $596
    BONUS 5: " The Proven Roadmap to Confidence, Passion, Love & Intimacy" Course, which focuses on helping you overcome self-sabotaging thoughts, building confidence in relationships, reclaimig your confidence on and off bed, overcoming sexual performance anxiety and offers you ways to improve your intimate health naturally on daily bases.
    *available for a very limited time
    Value: $1,997
    Value: $6,887
    Relationship Value: Priceless
    just a one-time fee of $1,997 (Regular price 2,997)
    If You Don't Have $14/day to Prime Your Love Life, You Don't Have a LIFE...
    *only for a limited time
    Want to be the best? TomorroW never ComeS
    What's Unique About This Program
    Week 1 - Welcome
    - Motivation in Your Intimate Life
    - How to Succeed in Your Love Life
    - Personal Journey Through Sexual Growth
    - How to Face Your Fear & Make a Change 
    Week 2 - Mindset
    - Key Lessons Of Feminine Sexuality
    - Getting What You Want In Love Life
    - Mastering Sexual Rejection and Sexual    
    Week 3 - Discovery
    - Unlock Your Sexual Magnetism For    
       Attracting The Right Partners
    - Trust & Vulnerability for Sexual Desire
    - Help Her Feel Safe & Forget About Past
    Week 4 - Transformation
    - Solving Psychological Blocks To Pleasure
    - Overcoming Lack Of Sexual Intimacy
    - Redefining Sexual Intimacy & Orgasms
    Week 5 - Integration
    - Strategies to Control Your Anxiety
    - Develop Deep Emotional Connection
    - Ways to Give Pleasure that Builds Trust
    Exclusive Bonuses
    - Meditation & Breath Work
    - Conscious Oral Intimate Play: Tantra
    - Strategies To Prevent Passion Wear Out 
    Is this course for women as well? 
    Yes! I know that ONLY a few men will take on this course because most men are passive when it comes to taking on a relationship and intimacy course.  They are afraid to show weakness. Hence, the name Supreme Lover - it reflects the rareness of those courageous men who actually will take on this journey. 
    Do you want to be the one who makes your man The Supreme Lover? This will be an AMAZING GIFT for you man that will transform your relationship. 

    Would you buy this course for your man? 
    You know what? YES! I was actually the one who purchased a relationship course for my relationship a few years ago. I invited Vlad to go through it me. We watched videos, had conversations which we should have had years ago: resolved anger, built trust, and brought more sexual intimacy, and more importantly we raised our standards for our relationship. Now, we fall in love with each other everyday. It was ME, who BOUGHT the relationship course to SAVE our relationship. 

    I'm a woman who has low sexual desire. My marriage is almost sexless. Will it help me? 
    If you have read many books and looked up many articles on how to awaken your sexual goddess but NOTHING WORKED, then you need to change the modality and discover this course.  You will be able to BECOME YOUR OWN INTIMACY COACH because you will be coached with precision, clarity and step-by-step action plan that most men need to fully understand and feel the complexity of feminine sexuality.  There is nothing more sexy and empowering for a man than a woman who knows what she loves, desires and wants - the woman who own her SEXUAL POWER.  
    Have more questions? Contact me at
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